I Google Images of Nachos When I’m Stressed

  • September 30, 2014

Some people take a walk a day to keep the addiction away. I Google images of nachos when I’m stressed. Because nachos are my favorite things (like in a bunch of different categories not even involving food). Bottom shelf sports stadium nachos. Bougie gourmet nachos. All of the nachos. Just looking at pictures of nachos calms me down. Hey, self-care is self-care however you do it. Try it.

party nachos  Superbowl party nachos.


Carnitas nachos!

healthy bullshit nachos.com-nachos-vegetarian-

Healthy bullshit nachos.

(I spy broccoli and cauliflower.)

short rib nachos

Bougie braised short rib nachos!


Fried eggs + nachos. (This shits brilliant.)

melt the cheese already

Why-didn’t-they-melt-the-cheese nachos.

simple nachos

Nachos so simple I don’t know why I don’t have a plate of them in my lap like right now.

skillet nachos

Skillet nachos!

frito pie

Frito pie just to switch things up…

because life doesn’t always go as planned?

close up nachos

Just a close up of a bunch of yummy stuff.

P.S. I just wrote a whole blog about nachos. I feel like I’ve finally given nachos their due and honored them according to their relevance in my life.

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  • Sandra says

    You funny!

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