I Had 19 Visitors in March!

  • April 16, 2014

Listen up, East Coast friends.  It seems that the brutal East Coast winter, a/k/a the “Polar Vortex,” has sent some of you guys a-runnin’ to Los Angeles to escape the cold. 19 of you guys visited in March alone.  That’s essentially one person every other day!  One of you even had the nerve to show up at my house at midnight with some bags like, “Oh, I didn’t tell you that I was staying with you?”


Look here, it’s really difficult to maintain any kind of exercise/healthy eating regimen when you guys come to town and force me to binge eat and drink with you…

Yeah, right!  I love it.

BUT, here’s the rub:  After these benders, you all return to New York or DC or wherever and hop back in your puff coats and multiple layers, and I’m left here in LA trying to stretch out a sundress that fit just a week ago.

This is even more problematic than your Scandal spoilers kicking me off of social media every Thursday night at 7 p.m. PST.

So while I LOVE you guys, and it was “like so great to see you,” I must now return to freaking out about the vast, hazy expanse that is my future.


The offender who showed up at midnight with a bunch of bags is featured in this picture…
10…and this one.

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