Sometimes When You Need a Win, Bacon Will Do

  • September 19, 2014

The other night, I ordered a grilled chicken cobb salad to go from Tender Greens, one of my favorite L.A. eateries. After a day of serial disappointment, I just wanted to be comforted by some smoky, salty bacon. But when I got home, I couldn’t find the bacon. I tossed the lettuce around. I flipped the chicken over. I even held the plastic, see-through, carry out container up to the light just in case I had somehow missed the bacon. Alas, there was none. This probably wouldn’t be devastating on any normal day. But this was a particularly shitty day. And I needed a win.

So I tweeted:

And Tender Greens tweeted back:

Why thank you.

No hard feelings. People make mistakes. And bad things happen to good people (me). But seriously though…


Update: Sept. 29, 2014





















Thanks, Tender Greens.

I reverse bacon-shamed a restaurant and won. I’m both proud and ashamed.


3 Comments on "Sometimes When You Need a Win, Bacon Will Do"

  • Saranah says

    Don’t keep us in suspense….what did Erik give you for the emotional devastation of no bacon?

    • akilah says

      He never responded! Following up now. Lol. Sometimes, you just need to be acknowledged. If I’m at a point in my life, where bacon might be my biggest victory of my day, do me a solid, ya know?

  • Fatimah S says

    So… Did they send a bike messenger to your apt with a bag o bacon??

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