Summer 2014 Officially Ended Yesterday

  • September 23, 2014

According to the Old Farmers Almanac, yesterday marked the last day of summer. It’s officially fall, and I have very little to show for having been alive all summer.

I had such big plans. I was going to:

– finish three scripts (yeah, right.)

– post more blogs (I posted one and like two halves.)

– volunteer at an assisted living home (they never called me back!)

– read all of these books (I finally finished that one super slim one yesterday.)

June Reading

– organize my “office area”


– get my passport renewed (so I can avoid another saga like the one I had with the DMV.)

– and make a lot of $$$.


What did I do instead?

I caked1. (This means, I spent a lot of time batting my eyelashes and giggling.)


I climbed to the top of every tall rock in Los Angeles – Griffith Park, Runyon Canyon, Elysian Park, Hilltop Park, Mulholland Drive, Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, Barnsdall Park, etc.

I’ve seen Los Angeles from the tops of lots of things.

20140621_180334 20140621_182344

I did L.A. I visited the Venice Canals, Melrose Trading Place, Yamashiro Farmers Market, Hollywood Cemetery, Jazz in the Garden at LACMA, La Brea Tar Pits, House of Blues, etc.

I even rode on the back of a motorcycle up the Pacific Coast Highway up to Point Dume in Malibu.

Akilah on T's Bike
I entertained a lot of friends from out-of-town. It was so good to see my folks!
10313070_10154164768020531_478168663260938917_n 10313505_10103967682683913_1833865073670768213_n sophia and heather 10486771_10102533459548604_5281437973842244084_n

I took a couple of improv classes at The Groundlings and joined a sketch comedy group.

Sisters of Sketch

I made some inroads on some scripts. (This is, by no means, the same thing as completing a script.)

I wrote out a lot of pitches for additional scripts. That’s something.

I got a job writing the Scandal recap for The Root. That’s actually pretty cool.

I opened a small business account, registered my business (just me writing things for hire) with the City of Los Angeles, and deposited my very first comedy writing check in it. (I have to say, $100 earned for comedy writing feels 10 times better than $1,000 practicing law. That said, I’m going to need a bunch of writing jobs.)

I dropped a few pounds.


One of my favorite exchanges of the summer–

Friend: Bitch, is that a thigh gap?

Me: Why yes, bitch, it is.

I bought a bikini for the first time in my life (even though I was too chicken-shit to wear it).

I also registered to vote (almost forgot!), changed my address with the DMV, and paid my bar dues. Oh, and I bought my very first at-home coffee-making device. Does that count for anything?

Ooo, and I made a ton of mistakes this summer. The kind where you’re like, “Hey, God. Remember me?” That definitely happened. That was kind of like the through-line.

At the end of day (summer), my October To Do List looks very much (almost exactly) like my May To Do List. Sigh.

But, this fall will be different, right??

What do you have to show for having been alive all summer?

  1. To cake is to spend quality time with a romantic companion. Typical activities include batting eyelashes and giggling. 

2 Comments on "Summer 2014 Officially Ended Yesterday"

  • Fatimah says

    Wait-a-minute, you bought a coffee maker?! Between that, the harley and your thigh gap, I don’t even know who you are anymore. ;P

    • akilah says

      Hahaha. Someone informed me that I don’t get to spend $5 a day on coffee any more. Because I’m poor now.

      I didn’t know.

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