Three Actors I Adored Before I Had Ever Seen Them Act

  • April 5, 2014

I’ve clocked over 1,000 hours of listening to comedy podcasts. (In case you care, I listen to Marc Maron’s WTFAisha Tyler’s Girl on GuyNeal Brennan and Moshe Kasher’s The Champs, and Greg Fitzsimmons’s Fitzdog Radio.)

There are three actors of whom I was not really aware before I listened to them interview on one of my favorite podcasts, and now they are in a special category of actors whom I adore even though I have never really seen them act.


(Grey’s Anatomy, The Butler)

This dude is going to get me in trouble with the Lord. “Thou shalt not covet…” He’s just so disquisitive and intellectually curious and passionate about underrepresented people.

Here he is talking to Aisha Tyler:

I became an automatic fan when I listened to that interview.

Then I became a super fan…

Here’s another interview where he weighs in on the Michael Dunn verdict:

Apparently, he runs around shirtless on TV much of the time. Big deal. But if his wife has any sense, she’ll make him close his mouth. Everything that falls out of it is amazing.



(How I Met Your Mother, Liberal Arts)

What a considerate, meditative dude.

Here he is talking to Aisha Tyler:

Here he is talking to Marc Maron:



(Harold & Kumar, Star Trek)

I actually think this might be my favorite podcast interview of all. I didn’t even know who John Cho was before I listened to this interview, and I teared up at least five times while listening. To be fair, discussions about expanding the representation of people of color in the media, any aspect of it, tap my softest spot.

Here he is talking to Aisha Tyler:

At least twice during the interview, I had to get up and leave the room. And I live by myself.


By the way, I like ’em “thinky,” to borrow a term from Aisha Tyler. And, apparently, with names that start with the letter “J.” I mean, if you know anyone…


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