We Shot My First Sketch This Weekend!

  • March 31, 2015

This weekend we shot a sketch that I was hired to write and produce for The Daily Do Good’s upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

I was the writer, executive producer, line producer, casting director, assistant director, production assistant, and set designer. (I’m sure I forgot at least three more titles.) PHEW!

Thank God for good times and paid gigs!


Scroll down for the video and the outtakes!


Goofing around on set with Saranah Holmes, friend and Founder/President of The Daily Do Good.

5.0Tristan Convert, our funky, French director, was cool as a fan on set in his favorite yellow pants.

UPDATE: Here’s the video!

…and the OUTTAKES!

2 Comments on "We Shot My First Sketch This Weekend!"

  • I am thrilled beyond belief to have made it into your blog!!!

  • AJ says

    This is awesome!

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