Well Played, Coffee Shop Chick

  • May 16, 2014

I’m writing at one of my favorite coffee shops and charging my phone at the only available electrical outlet, which is across the shop, when I look up and see this chick yank my phone out of the wall and run out of the restaurant with it. This is particularly strange because she left all of her belongings at her table. Hmmm…

So I run out of the restaurant and catch up to her as she catches up with a guy who had just left the restaurant moments before.

I’m like, “Hey!! That’s my phone!”

She says, “I’m so sorry! I thought it was his. I was trying to make sure he had it before he drove away.”

He flashes the toothiest grin and says, “That’s so awesome that you would do that for me…By the way, I’m Michael…”

And now they’re exchanging numbers.

Well played, Coffee Shop Chick. Meanwhile, I’m inside taking notes.

I feel used.

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