Side of My Neck
to talk out of the side of one's neck–
verb. to talk unguardedly or frivolously.
phrase. a course of speech that has no useful result.

My Deepest Fear

Apparently, I participated in a study…

When I Die

Things I Google In The Middle of the Night

My 2017 Mantra

All I Want For 2017

La La Land Was Fine

Fortune Cookie

At a Minimum…

Attention Exes of the World…

I Disgust Me

1 Cupcake

How to Tell When You’re Really Friends With Someone in Hollywood

I’d Pay Good Money…

Thermostat Wars

Et tu, Church Folks?

Internet Errands

Pro Tip: How To Get Out of Plans in LA

3 a.m. Text From My Mom

My New “Summer Cardigan”

Make #BankofAmerica Great Again

“Bye, Scalia!” is the new “Bye, Felicia!”

We Don’t Have to Live Like This

Every Single Day

Muffins Are Not Cupcakes

C’mon, Whole Foods!




Bank of America Called Me Out

Start a Brawl?

If Only…

It’s January 22nd

Mass Holiday Texts

It’s The Little Things


Ahhh, it’s December!!

Overheard at a Coffee Shop


My Vision Board

Quote of the Day

It Needed To Be Said

Summer Isn’t Over Yet

Some of the Most Offensive Things to Come out of My Mouth

I Have Just One Question…

Where Did the Day Go?

These “New Moms” are Giving Us Work

Not Enough Hours in the Day?

Most Hollywood Moment So Far

Heather is the Reason Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

“Something Came Up”

Public Restroom Etiquette

It Could All Be So Simple

July 2014 Reading List

Gimme a Break!

The “Two Spritzer Tap Out”

It’s Dark Inside My Head

Quote of the Day

Tax Return Time!

Amy Winehouse Radio

It’s 100 Degrees in LA Today!

I’m Closer to My Dreams Than Ever Before

“Unemployed” vs. “Self-employed”

I’m a Paid Writer!

There’s No Such Thing as a “Summer Body” in LA


Lame, Even For Me

This Is The Dream

Health Insurance, Anyone?

I Was Doing Something on the Internet…

I’m Poor Now

The “Reply All”

When Your Writing Partner Has Stared at the Screen Too Long…

Ohhh, Obamacare

What Gives?

* Facepalm *

The Sneeze Guard is There For a Reason!

I’m a 2014 CBS Sketch Comedy Showcase Writer!

This Damn “To Do” List

Make It Good

Give Up the Ghost

Dear Google, How Do I Mop a Floor?

The Tackiest 9/11 Post Ever

“The Hollywood Holler”

Hollywood, That’s My Foot in Your Door!

He’s Black and You’re Black…So I Was Thinking…

“Harriet Tubman Sex Tape”

My Neighbor Mel

Eat Clean or Eat Chorizo?

The First Step

My “Furniture Guy” is in the Mob

My Mom is Cooler Than Me

“To Do” List Blues

The Zimmerman Verdict


I Hope My Parents Don’t Find This

I Just Want a Parking Spot!