It’s 100 Degrees in LA Today!

  • May 14, 2014


It’s 100 degrees in Los Angeles today! I turned on my A/C, and an hour later, it’s hotter in the house than when I turned it on.  My A/C is committed to not being worth a damn, but I can’t call the landlord to come fix it because I’ve been living in my new apartment for over a month, and I haven’t unpacked yet. He can’t find out that I’ve just opened boxes and scattered their contents all over the floor.

So I’ve just been pacing in circles while screaming, cursing, and kicking boxes. I’m going mad! I want to grab a handful of clothes from the nearest box, run downstairs in pajamas, and get dressed in the cool shade of the parking garage. Better yet, I want to strip naked and jump off my balcony just to feel the cool breeze on the way down.

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