• October 8, 2015

I’ve started dressing for comfort. This is how kitten heels happen.

4 Comments on "S.O.S!"

  • Fatimah says

    Would a pointy flat count as a life boat or cement shoes?
    (I’m pretty sure I know the answer. lol).

    I doubt your Stilettos will go down without a fight.

    • akilah says

      My stilettos lost the day I bought knee high leather boots with a wedge heel.

  • Brooke says

    Givenchy has a bomb wedge boot so I think you still win 🙂

  • @dopemaminyc says

    I started dressing for comfort too and now feel like Aunt Gertrude.
    However, I’m only self conscious about it when I run into people that know the old me, which happens every single time I look a hot mess and never ever happens when I look hot. #FML

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